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Mulberry (Morus Alba) is an extremely important and ancient tree under whose branches have been a meeting point for many lovers and home to precious silkworms. According to historical archives, its story begins approximately around 2700 BCE. Mulberry tree has many benefits to human health, and its leaves and the fruit we know as white mulberry has been used as a medicine for centuries. In this regard, it is frequently mentioned in both mythological and historical sources.

Morus Alba trees love mild climates and shows all their pure love in the summer especially with their white, juicy fruit. The benefits of mulberries have been known and valued by people of ancient times for thousands of years all around the world. According to traditional medicine, mulberry fruits are mainly used to improve eyesight and protect against liver damage. Today, researchers all around the world emphasize the white berry’s long list of benefits. Fresh mulberries, which contains a large amount of moisture especially during the harvest period, have been dried and preserved since ancient times as they are hard to preserve otherwise.

The agricultural culture of Anatolia also dates back to ancient times. Turkey is one of the homelands and natural distribution areas of mulberries. Especially white mulberries grown in Turkey have superior characteristics and a matchless quality. 

Dried mulberry is a special product with high nutritional value. It contains high levels of protein, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and fiber as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E ank K. Protein content of dried mulberries is higher than any other dried fruits. That is the reason why dried mulberries can be preferred in many diet lists as a snack. Dried mulberries are also used as a medicine to protect against liver, gallbladder, and heart diseases.

Dried mulberries especially contribute to the balancing of high blood sugar when consumed regularly due to the high fiber it contains. At the same time, the dense fiber in dried mulberries has an anti-cancer feature, since it reduces the duration of harmful substances in the intestines. Dried mulberries with high potassium ensures the heart, all other muscles and the entire nervous system to function well. Because it is rich in calcium, it strengthens bones and teeth. Another important benefit of dried mulberry is that the high level of antioxidants it contains strengthen the immune system. In the recent studies, it has been proved that dried mulberry is good for brain and supports brain’s functionality.

For all these reasons, we, as HCH Global Trade, know the importance of dried mulberries and want to increase the awareness and consumption of this valuable dried fruit worldwide. Our dried mulberries will attract the attention of consumers with its rich food source, and will also turn the snack times into healthy moments. For your wholesale and bulk order, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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