Project Description

Basmati Rice from India

Currently, we present Basmati 1121 with the following specifications.

Please contact us for other varieties of Basmati and non-Basmati types from India.

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You can select and order different products from our range. We load all of them in one container prudently and freight safely. All you need to do is to select the container’s content.

We are assertive about Turkish products so we present them here in our website. But not limited to this, we are offering many other products from the World such as sesame, dried mango, cashews and other India, Vietnam, Peru and African originated products with reasonable prices.

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Basmati 1121

  • Quality: 100% pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (Premium Quality)
  • Length of Rice: 8.05 mm – 8.20 mm (before cooking)
  • Broken: 2% maximum (basis 2/3 of the broken grain)
  • Damage & discolored: Non
  • Paddy Grain: Non
  • Foreign matter: Non
  • Taste: Naturally Sweet & Aromatic
  • Moisture: 14% maximum
  • Aroma: Contains mark degree of aroma in raw and cooked stage
  • Extra long grains, double polish, aromatic, free from dust and stones