Project Description

  • Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Virgin Olive Oil

Our family jewels of “liquid gold” that transform every meal from the ordinary to the memorable…

Ever since our childhood of warm Eastern Mediterranean summers around our family’s dinner table, we have always known best quality olive oil. We were fascinated how these humble olives were graciously transformed into ”liquid gold”…

We still adore everything about it: the colour, the taste, the texture, the smell, the variety and the mystique… Truly, our love of olive oil must be hereditary.  Dissatisfied with what is available on the shelves of supermarkets, we have set out to produce our own olive oil, to assure you – and ourselves– that you are getting the very same high quality olive oil our family grew up with, fresh from the orchards to your kitchen… We have extended our search for the best to olive orchards in Balikesir, Izmir, Aydin and Antakya, sourcing the best olive oil of these regions and presenting it to the most discerning buyers.

Soon after setting up our parent company, HCH Global Trade, we decided to invest generously in our very own olive pressing plant, following time-honoured artisanal techniques. We were extremely delighted when we found exactly the plant of our dreams, set in an orchard of olive trees!

On the southern skirts of Amanos Mountains, looking out to the Mediterranean, is our plant, where we process our own orchards’ produce, along with top-quality “Halhali” and “Saurani” olives of neighbouring villages. The type of olive is an essential factor, having a considerable effect of the olive oil’s characteristic properties. Hand picked and delivered to the plant within hours, our selection of olives yield the best oil there is…

Further, area of cultivation and climate, soil quality, olives’ condition and degree of ripeness during harvesting play significant roles.  Our plant is based on Italian “Haus” milling, hailed as the best for production of flavourful and delicate oils.

Our “liquid gold” is rested in chromium tanks for a month, taking a deserved “nap” to mature. Only then we proceed to bottling and affixing the well-deserved “Hazel” label, and we proudly serve domestic and foreign markets with various bottle sizes.

Olive oil miraculously manages to link us to a very ancient past, countless civilizations, leaping across centuries. Our search for the perfect, extra virgin olive oil was a search for a mythic time in some mythic place, never contaminated by the compromises of life.

It was impossible – and it still is– not to be taken away by looking at an olive tree with its silvery green leaves, twisted trunk, delicate branches, giving one a feeling of peace and serenity. The knotty trunk itself looks as old as humanity, telling thousand fold stories of the past, yet the leaves reflect youthful gentleness. No wonder the tree fascinated renowned artists; Matisse, van Gogh, Cezanne… they all painted olive trees.

Today, our brand “Hazel”, stands for an entre way of life… we would like you to enjoy it, however you use it. You can now transform merits of our “liquid gold” into countless and imaginative culinary marvels to improve your life and health.

Report of Analysis

Report Dates : 04 February 2019 – 15 February 2019
Origin of Olives: Samandağ – Antakya
In Stocks: more than 100 tonnes

Analysis Parameter
Limit (Max)
 Description about the value
Oleic Acidity
0,35 % to 0,74 max
0,8 % for EVOO
The acidity content is an EU-wide fixed value. The value divides olive oil into different quality classes. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality class.
The acidity of 0.8% must not be exceeded in this quality class.
9 to 11,24 max
The number of peroxides measures the freshness of the olive oil. Oxygen decomposes olive oil, Peroxides will be formed. For example, a high number of peroxides means that oxidation has already begun. The olive oil is not “fresh”.
K (232nm)
2,03 to 2,22 max
K232 is the durability indicator. A high value indicates a slow, sluggish processing or an obsolete manufacturing process during production. This value increases, for example, when the olives were stored for days before the pressing or the pressing temperature was too high during processing.
K (270nm)
0,146 to 0,2 max
270nm secondary oxidation products show absorption (aldehydes and ketones). In case of fraud, usually refined oils are added to the extra virgin olive oil. K270 increase when extra virgin olive oil is not fresh, which means that our product consists of extra virgin olive oil of a previous harvesting or a blend of extra virgin olive oil of previous harvesting along with the fresh one.
Delta Kappa measures the purity and quality of the olive oil. Deviations indicate mixtures with other or superposed oils.

Notes of Degustation

General ‘Halhali’ Degustation

This cultivar’s aroma is grassy. Halhali Olive Oil actually tastes a bit like grass, herbs, green almond and tomatoes on the tongue. Greener tasting olive oils like these pair best with salads, dishes with vegetables where their brightness can really shine.

Our Crop’s Customized Degustation

Grassy; slightly expressed taste and smell to the ripe fruits, slightly bitter,  spicy with  very slight soreness. Suits best with salad dressings.


500 ml. Primula bottle
Oriental Label E.V.O.O

Available Bottles

  • Bottle Name: Dorica

  • Color: Dark Green

  • Sizes Available:

    • 500 ml.
    • 750 ml.
  • Bottle Name: Marasca

  • Color: Dark Green

  • Sizes Available:

    • 250 ml.
    • 500 ml.
    • 1 lt.




Hand-Picking Harvesting olives from the grooves by man power without harshing the trees
Rapidly Transfer
(Less than 4 hours)
Transferring the olives to the factory, cold-washing and then production line immediately
Crushing & Extraction & Processing “Haus” Continuous System Olive Oil Extraction Plant which is the best cutting-edge technology
Best Filtering Paper Filtration Optional… Unfiltered olive oil contains much more polyphenols!
Resettling / Maturing Storing inside Chrome Tanks
Bottling Dark glass for 1 lt. and less, Tin for larger packages Selection among a large variety of elegant glass and ceramic bottles.
Branding Hazel brand or  your private label