Project Description

Dried apricot is another product which Turkey has dominance on the production and exportation all over the World. These delicious apricots are one of the most popular and well known dried fruits in the world. They are being mentined as one of the healthiest snacks.

Apricot cultivation, which is spread in most of the agricultural regions of Turkey, finds its best environment in the province of Malatya where our company has the contracted producer with 500 hectares of field and we own a suitable cold-storage warehouse for our stocks.

There are two types of dried apricots:

  • Natural Sun Dried
  • Bleached

Natural Dried Apricots dry under the sun and have dark brown color. Natural dried ones are more tasty and delicious comparing to sulphured apricots. But bleached apricots are more durable than the sun dried ones because they are being dried with sulphur during production.

There are four quality classes:

  • Extra
  • First
  • Second
  • Industrial

And also there are eight different sizes of each types of natural sun dried and sulphured dried.