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The story of Tahini begins 3,500 years ago in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, where evidence of sesame seed cultivation was first recorded. At this time, sesame seeds were cultivated for sesame seed oil. Sometime thereafter, tahini, or sesame seed paste, was discovered.

Tahini was traditionally made by separating the sesame seed hull from the bran, and grinding the bran into a paste. This was easily achieved by soaking crushed sesame seeds in salt water, causing the kernels to float at the top, and bran to sink to the bottom. The kernels were skimmed off the surface, roasted, and ground into a creamy paste. Most commercial tahini brands follow this process today, yielding that creamy smooth, light colored tahini paste.

Tahini is rich of  calcium, B vitamins, and folate

For more than 2000 years, tahini has played an important role in Middle Eastern cuisine, used in both sweet and savory capacities. It’s most widely known as an essential ingredient in hummus in which it’s blended with chickpeas. Eat it for dessert in halvah, a confection of tahini and honey. Beyond hummus and halvah, tahini is also a popular salad dressing or pita sandwich condiment.

Tahini is one of the favorite products among our portfolio. With the best quality sesame imported from Ethiopia and Sudan there becomes the best tahini.

  • Origin: Turkey

  • Type: 100% Crushed Sesame Seed

  • Packaging: 18 kg net plastic pail drums, 330 gr jars x 12 into cardboxes

  • Minimum Quantity: 5000 kg. / 2000 kg. in combo-container

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